Intro to Madness

The players start there adventure aboard the Wastrel, a two masted schooner, that is on its way to the city of Terralon.

Read out loud: “Standing aboard the deck of the Wastrel you can feel the spray of the sea as the ship dips into another trough. As the ship rises out you can make out an almost wall of fog and the far away flash of lightning. You hear the captain yell, to you or the crew you are not sure, “Told ya a storm was brewing! Helmsmen bring us farther out from land I don’t want us dashed upon the rocks.” As the hours pass and the storm steadily advances the ship drifts closer and closer to the shore. “Batten the hatches, make fast and lighten the sails!” Pointing to one of the players, “You! Make yourself useful or make you and your mates scarce!”

DM Note: At this point the players can choose to help the crew and captain out or they can head down below and wait. Helping out doesn’t change the outcome but it allow the players to be helpful and will net them some exp. If the players choose to help out it starts a skill challenge.

Complexity: 1 (4 successes before 2 failures) Exp: 100 per character
Acrobatics: (DC 15) Using balance and speed the character gets into the rigging and helps by securing ropes, cutting tangled lines, and drawing up sails.
Athletics: (DC 15) Using brute force the character helps pull ropes, haul items off the deck or help tie off the sailors.
Diplomacy: (DC 20) Using inspiring words the player helps rally the crew and inspire them to work harder.
Perception: (DC 20 Interrupt) The player notices a dangerous mistake before it happens and helps avoid disaster. (Success prevents 1 failure, can only be used to prevent 2 failures.)

If they fail the skill challenge the task takes longer and everyone loses a healing surge due to the weather and dangerous conditions. At the ends of the skill challenge (or skip time ahead if the players choose not to help out)

Read out loud: The man in the crows nest points out a light ahead. It is faint at first but quickly brightens into a pair brilliant green flame. “Helmsmen point us in between those beacons! Ready to weigh anchor and cut sails!” (If anyone asks the captain tells them that they are shore beacons they are magical pillars of flame inside stone towers used to help light the way for ships in the dark or caught in a storm. A wizard and any player with a background involving the sea would already know what they are.) As the Wastrel passes between the two beacons the rain keeps up but the winds slacken and the shape of a town becomes faintly visible within the fog. The captain has the crew cut the last of the sail and weighs the anchor once the ship is a little ways into the harbor. The captain also lets the players know that they will go ashore in the morning if the weather permits. (If the players bring it up point out that even though they are in a harbor the waves are bad enough to keep boats from launching and that the dock is not deep enough to handle a ship of the Wastrels size.)

Read out loud: The next morning the players wake up to find that the storm has blown over leaving only a constant light rain and a thick fog (Lightly Obscured). Due to the lack of visibility and weariness the captain issues that the ship will stay for the next few days to make basic repairs and to let the crew rest. The captain also allows the crew to take shore leave in small groups and in shifts. Since the players are passengers they can go aboard and wait in town until the ship is ready to leave. The boat pulls to the dock, getting out you can hear the light patter of rain on the cobblestones and the faint lapping of waves. The buildings are sturdy one story affairs made out of stone and the streets are light ever 10ft. or so with magical lights that glow the same green as the lighthouses. The strangest part is that you neither see or hear anyone other then yourselves. The sailors head off to a nearby warehouse in search of the dock master. What do you guys want to do?

Encounter Level: 1/2 Exp: 50 per character
Monsters: 12 Decrepit Skeleton (MM1/235)
Treasure: 12x Heavy Sheilds, 12x Longswords (No Value)
Notes: 5% chance encounter every hour. 10% every 10 minutes if characters are loud.

Encounter Level: 1 Exp: 100 per character
Monsters: 2 Skeleton (MM1/235) 12 Decrepit Skeleton (MM1/235)
Treasure: 2x Chainmail Armor, 14x Heavy Sheilds, 14x Longswords (No Value)
Notes: Tavern Assault

Magic Items: Bracers of Mighty Striking Heroic (PH/244) / Staff of Ruin +1 (AV/106) / Subtle +1 (AV/79) / Everlasting Provisions (PH/253) / Tactician’s +1 (AV/54)
Mundane Treasure:1x Pearl (100gp) / 1x Jade (100gp) / 1x Amber (100gp) / 294gp 1360sp

Intro to Madness

A Short Jaunt Into Madness Deracles